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Comparison of attendance of alpine countries in the winter season 2016/17

From the investment point of view, the number of visitors to the Alpine countries is one of the key parameters to consider when estimating the investment potential of acquiring real estate in the Alps. If you consider a subsequent property rental in the Alps, tourism in the country is the alpha and omega for your decision and subsequent return on investment values.

The analysis of the number of visitors to the Alpine countries in the winter season 2016/17 clearly shows the popularity of individual countries. The number of visitors is gradually growing compared to previous years, and all indications are that this trend will continue in the coming years. This has a positive effect on real estate rental opportunities.

It is interesting to compare the total values ​​of the number of visitors to individual Alpine countries and the ratio of domestic and foreign tourists. From the point of view of the total number of tourists, we can divide the Alpine countries into two groups.

France and Austria show a similar number of visitors, around 60 million tourists during the winter season. If we look at the data from the perspective of the native population, then Austria (8.5 million inhabitants) can attract almost seven times as many tourists.

The most visited country in Europe is France, which offers several tourist attractions, and the Alpine areas in the east are one of the pillars of French tourism. Fused with a large number of local tourists, this is the country with the largest number of tourists in the winter within the Alpine countries.

Italy and Switzerland complete the investment potential of the Alpine countries. The total number of tourists in the winter season is above 30 million there.


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