Why invest in real estate in the Alps?

If you are in a situation where you have free funds, you are definitely thinking about how to evaluate them effectively.

The current situation in financial markets is relatively complex, and past best practices and tools do not work.

Clear evidence is the low-interest rate held by all major financial institutions. A nice example is the European Central Bank, which has set the interest rate for the euro area at 0.25%. This will subsequently be reflected in the entire financial system and in the settings of the financial products offered, which are intended for the appreciation of available funds.
Increasingly, the resulting assessment does not even cover the inflation rate. This will devalue the free funds.

Real estate investment is offered as a possible solution. It is a traditional and conservative approach to depositing funds with minimal risk of loss of value. On the contrary, they are further evaluated.

Why to invest in Alpine real estate:

  • Higher appreciation of free funds
  • Higher rental income from real estate (Eg. in Austria up to 7% p.a.)
  • Higher growth in property prices
  • Protection against exchange rate changes
  • A more stable political and legal environment in the Alpine countries
  • Better infrastructure and services provided
  • Year-round use of the property and the possibility of renting it
  • Good transport accessibility

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